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Kitchen Tips
  • To remove a spoonful of honey from the jar easily, slightly heat the spoon, the honey will come off easily.
  • To remove the lemon rind from a grater run a straight bladed knife across the grater and remove the rest with the help of a toothbrush.
  • If you want to avoid using colour in tandoori chicken, use lime water and turmeric instead.
  • To make vinegar last twice as much, divide the vinegar in two bottles and add water which has been boiled, after a week it will come up to full strength again.
  • You can create your own tea bag by putting the required amount of tea in a muslin bag on a string and adding it to the pot , you can remove this bag easily when the tea has steeped enough and it helps not only in cleaning, but also the leaves can be easily scattered in the garden.
  • To remove unpleasant odours from the oven, place a wide pan with warm water in which used tea leaves have been added and leave it to stand in the oven for some time. Even a bowl of warm water with vinegar or lime juice does the trick.
  • Always use 2 bowls for breaking 2 or more eggs. Use one bowl to break one egg at a time and collect the clean broken egg in the other. If an egg is bad, then that can be identified and thrown and not mixed with the rest.
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