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Kitchen Tips
  • Roll ripe bananas in a bed of chopped nuts or scraped fresh coconut or desiccated coconut and freeze. This treat tastes and has the texture of an ice cream and can be served as a special and healthy treat to children specially during the summer season.
  • To remove the odour of onions from your hands after cutting or slicing onions, rub a little milk, then wash with a little soap.
  • Do not throw the paper wrapped around butter in the original packing, this can be used instead of greaseproof paper to line your cake moulds.
  • Can-openers function better when dipped in hot water.
  • To measure honey, coat the measuring spoon or cup with a little oil, this will help in honey sliding off easily from the spoon or cup.
  • To remove tea or coffee stains from pots or cups, rub the stained area with a little salt and rinse afterwards.
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