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Kitchen Tips
  • Soak lemons in lukewarm water before slicing and squeezing them in order to extract maximum juice.
  • Peel vegetables and fruits thinly as a major chunk of nutrients lie just beneath the skin. Peeling them thickly would result in a loss of these nutrients.
  • To retain the nutrients in vegetables, scrub and wash them in several changes of water before chopping. Once chopped immediately immerse them in gravy.
  • Don't throw leftover vegetables. Use them as a stuffing for making paranthas.
  • While storing the excess dough in the refrigerator coat it with a light layer of ghee or oil. This shall prevent the dough from getting dry.
  • Large or mature carrots can have a slightly bitter taste. To avoid this, slice them lengthwise and remove the core before using.
  • When buying eggplants, select those that have a nice glossy shine. Avoid ones that are dull in colour for they will be overripe and bitter.
  • Use a potato peeler to create cheese peels for garnishing salads, soups etc.
  • After chopping garlic or onions, run a lemon quarter over the knife blade and the chopping board to remove the odour.
  • Waffle design on cookies appeals to the children. It is easy to achieve by pressing the rolled-out cookie dough with a potato masher (the one used for making bhajee of Pav Bhaji) lightly.
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