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Kitchen Tips
  • A Broiler chicken should have short drumsticks (thigh bone), thick bones, flexible breast bone and firm pink flesh, weighing around 0.4 to 0.7 KG.
  • Lamb (White Meat) requires more cooking in comparison to Mutton (Red Meat). If Lamb / Mutton is slightly underdone, it is not harmful, but Pork meat should always be thoroughly done.
  • Avoid washing Grill top with water, instead use rock salt and oil on hot grill and wipe it with a cloth duster before use, it ensures non stick (seasoned) grilling all the time.
  • The strength of flour (atta, maida) can be determined by the amount of water it absorbs while kneading. See to it that kneading is given its due importance while making the dough. More the absorption better is the flour strength-wise resulting in a better product.
  • Do not discard the cut away skin of pineapple, it can be used to make an alcoholic or non- alcoholic drink. The simplest is a drink, made by simmering the skins with water, sugar or honey and a little lime juice. When cool, strain out the solids, and add chopped fresh mint, serve this juice chilled.
  • If there is less butter for making sandwiches, you can extend it by beating in some fresh milk (100 ml per 150 gm butter). Add the milk in a thin stream to the softened butter, beat with a wooden spoon or in a blender/ food processor.
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