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Kitchen Tips
  • When the chillies are required to be ground it is best to soak them beforehand so that they soften and make a finer paste.
  • Mash about six cloves of garlic and add to half a cup of butter. Then add chopped chives or parsley, form into logs, wrap in plastic and freeze. Slice as needed to add to meats or vegetables or use as a spread on bread.
  • Basil leaves are tender and bruise very easily. So never chop them with a knife, but tear them lightly with your fingers just before using.
  • If vegetables are cut uniformly, they not only cook evenly and impart a good flavour but also retain their nutritional value and look good.
  • If walnuts or fresh coconut flesh is to be taken out as a single piece from their shells, keep them in hot water for five minutes and then break the shell.
  • To detect the freshness of the egg, drop it into a basin of cold water at least double the depth of the egg. It is freshest if it sinks straight to the bottom on its side. If it hangs on its end but is still under the water, it is stale but still usable. If it floats on the surface, it is bad and should not be used.
  • Lettuce when cut with a knife get discoloured along the edges so they should always ben torn by hand.
  • You can add garlic, rosemary, dill or any other herb to wine vinegar and use it to flavour a salad, vegetable or main dish.
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