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Cooking Tips
  • Never fry saffron in hot oil or butter, this will ruin the flavour.
  • While stirring milk for making custards or kheer, lower the flame after it boils and stir firmly, with preferably a wooden spoon, making a figure of "8" for even mixing.
  • While making White Sauce (Bechamel), add boiling hot milk to cold "roux" (mixture of flour and butter) off the fire, mix it vigorously with wire whisk for 2 minutes and then strain it (just to check, there won't be any lumps in it) before thickening it on the flame.
  • Whenever you are using a thickening agent (flour, besan etc.) in a dish, do keep in mind the concept of "Carry on cooking," i.e. remove the dish from the fire a little before the desired consistency is reached as the heat retained inside will thicken it further. Otherwise you will end up with over thickened product.
  • For making Consomme Soup (clear thin soup), where you add egg whites for clarification cook on high flame till it begins to boil stirring all the time so that the egg whites do not get stuck to the base. Then lower the flame and cook without stirring. Strain through a muslin cloth only after the raft (solids floating on top) settles down.
  • Covering the food while it is being cooked on griller will hasten the cooking process in addition to retaining the moisture / juices which otherwise would have evaporated.
  • When you are cooking in butter, to avoid it from burning always add little oil to it.
  • While cooking meat / chicken by dry heat methods (roasting, grilling, frying etc.) keep in mind that big pieces (size) will cook properly at low temperatures for longer duration and vice-versa.
  • Use Meat Thermometer for ascertaining the doneness of meat. The thermometer reads 55 Internal temperature for RARE done, 65 For MEDIUM done and 80 For WELL done.
  • Do not carve roasted / grilled meat before a minimum resting period (15 minutes - 1 hour) or the juices will come out and cooking won't be proper.
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