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Cooking Tips
  • Although a seemingly easy task, great care should be taken when melting chocolate. Be careful not to let any stray drops of water fall into the chocolate or it will seize or stiffen and solidify.
  • While melting chocolate add a little butter to chocolate for a smoother consistency and richer flavour.
  • When roasting whole chicken, for a spicy sweet flavour, place a small piece of star anise in the cavity of the chicken or duck before roasting or braising.
  • When pureeing soups and sauces with a good deal of liquid, the solid ingredients should be drained and pureed separately, the liquid is then stirred back into the puree until it is smooth.
  • Coating foods with paprika must be done with care, as it scorches easily and becomes bitter.
  • Poached eggs break up if cooked in salted water, and baked eggs look spotted if sprinkled with salt before cooking. To avoid this, seasoning should be added to baking dish underneath the egg.
  • Whole eggs or egg yolks mixed with a little water, form an excellent golden glaze for breads and pastries.
  • Plunging the eggs into cold water as soon as they are cooked helps loosen the shell, as does peeling them under cold running water.
  • Mash about six garlic cloves into cup butter, add chopped chives or parsley. Form into logs, wrap in plastic and freeze. Slice as needed to melt into meats, vegetables or use as a spread.
  • When blanching vegetables they should remain in the water just long enough to slightly soften. Place them in cold water immediately after cooking to ensure a crisp texture.
  • Do not add saffron directly to a dish, infuse threads in a little hot water for at least 5 minutes before blending in a dish to bring out flavour and ensure even colouring.
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