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The Salient features of 'Ashok Group' are briefed as under

Establishment: M/s. ASHOK METAL INDUSTRIES, Rajkot (Gujarat) (1967 A.D.)

The first unit namely M/s. Ashok Metal Industries was established in the year 1967 to manufacture New Tins suitable to pack 15 kg Edible Oil / Vanaspati / Milk Powder etc. It was the first unit to manufacture ISI Quality marked Tins without the aid of power. It has earned very good reputation among manufacturers of Edible Oil / Vanaspati / Ghee and Milk Powder. It also manufacturers agriculture implements & stove parts.

To provide specialized services to the packers of Shudha Ghee, a special division of Tin making unit was established in the year 1970 under the above name and style.

M/s. Ashok Iron & Steel Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot (Gujarat)
M/s. Ashok Stove Pvt. Ltd., Bombay (Maharashtra)

The Machineries installed in the above units are also made by Ashok Machine Tools. Hence Ashok Machine Tools is a backbone of 'Ashok' Group which has made it possible to achieve our ambitious target.

Ashok Iron & Steel Fabricators Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot (Gujarat) and
Ashok Stove Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai (Maharashtra)

'Ashok' was having name & fame in the Industrial world till 1981.

Even Ashok Iron & Steel Fabricators was also manufacturing tin containers to meet the increasing demand from Oil Millers.

A turning point arose in the year 1981, when mighty Barchha Brothers thought of diversification in an area unexplored, but primitive and traditional product i.e. Kerosene Wick Stove. it was a time of fuel conservation. Government was giving incentives to units which were saving precious Foreign Exchange. An unique design was developed with a novel device to conserve fuel & give more heat. The fuel efficiency was increased from 45% thermal efficiency of a traditional stove to 60%. Ours are glove named 'Ashok'. The designs & devices are registered & patented also. It was a challenging job to introduce new domestic product which has no brand image in domestic world. The price of traditional stove was Rs. 13/- to Rs. 25/- while our introductory price was Rs. 63/- per stove. We are also equipped with latest electroplating plant for chrome plating.

DARSHNA UDYOG, Rajkot (Gujarat)

Keeping with the paces and strides of success, Ashok Group developed a Unique and safe Kerosene Pressure stove which was awarded with ISI mark. The proud feature being that for the first time in India since 50 years of Independence a unit was awarded ISI mark for pressure stove of side tank as per IS:10109. This was perhaps the best gift which Ashok Group gave to its nation which is celebrating 50 years of Independence. This will surely be a success in coming times. Now our unit is registered with Director General Quality Assurance to cater the needs of Defence.


Keeping in view the popularity and the spirit of commitment to quality Ashok group has started manufacturing of Stainless Steel and Aluminum Household containers of various sizes. The workmanship of absolute class and finish has at once made it a great success and popular. We have also started manufacturing Gas Stove for Domestic use.


Keeping in pace with times 'Ashok' Group started an exclusive marketing company which undertakes the marketing of the entire umbrella of products manufactured by the 'Ashok Group' so that a 'single window model' can be adopted for the convenience of the consumers at large. Moreover, it has also added other products for marketing like 'Ashok' Super Stroke Electronic Gas Lighter, 'Ashok' Chilly & Nut Cutter, 'Ashok' Beater and other such household items under the same umbrella. Strict quality department monitors the purchase of these products.


We also deal in marketing of various types of spices in the name of “AJOD” such as chilly powder, turmeric powder, coriander cumin mix powder, garammasala, tea masala, achar masala, chat masala, kuriya (pickle supplement), rain a kuriya, methi na kuriya, coriander kuriya, Rai, Methi,Coriander, Cumin etc. We get it manufactured from renowned quality manufacturer under our strict supervision and market it in India in own fashion and style. We also commence exporting these spices. In order to get consistent quality goods we would prefer to manufacture in our close supervision so that chances of adulteration at any point is avoided. Hence this proposal to obtain the technical assistance from your reputed organization so that we may march with the time for requiring latest technical developments.

M/s. ASHOK MACHINE TOOLS, Rajkot (Gujarat)

It manufactures Tin plant machineries suitable to manufacture rectangular, round and square Tins to pack edible Oil / Vanaspati / Milk Powder, Shudha Ghee/Cosmetics, Pesticides etc. without aid of power i.e. manually. It enables to avail 15% exemption in Central Excise and also boost employment and develop sound relation in the field of Human Resources Development. It also conserves electricity and is suitable to install in the Rural Area. To match with time and advanced technology, the company further widened its product base by manufacturing Machineries like Power Press, Deep Drawing Press, Shearing Machinery, Roofing Press, etc. to be operated with the aid of electricity. The updated workshop equipped with highly technical and qualified Engineers has made it possible to meet herculean task to install about 300 plants all over India on turn key basis to manufacture Tin Containers. We extend consultancy both on technical and administrative side to achieve optimum production with good marketing and financial discipline. It provides full fledge technical consultancy to our two main units namely. Now Central Govt. has withdrawn exemption hence we have converted such plant into Automatic Electric Plant to avail modvat. We have also started manufacturing furniture making plant (Sheet Metal). As we are manufacturing Kerosene Wick Stove, Gas Stove & domestic appliances in other associate concern, we have now decided to add manufacturing food processing machineries hence this idea to start with Chapati Making & Dosa & Idli Making Machine. We do export and market spices in India. Hence we would prefer to have technical consultancy for spices to get ourselves equipped with latest technology.

We are equipped with latest Lathe – Milling Machines radial drill, boring machine etc. and are having qualified engineers to look after our other associate concerns manufacturing Kerosene Stoves, Gas Stoves, Edible Oil Containers, Grain Containers and other domestic appliances.

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