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Power Operated
Power Shearing Machine

Power Shearing Machine

Special Features:

Frame Construction:
All steel frame of high quality plates and well designed to take heavy load and undesired deflection. The interlocked frame construction with extra rigid frame members to ensure robust construction. to assure maximum rigidity they are braced by stay rods and rigidly fastened to the table on both sides.

Drive System:
Fly wheel is mounted on journals and fitted with special graded gun metal or phosper bronze bearings. The gears and pinion in the drive systems are manufactured from special rolled steel and cut accurately for smooth running and long life. Main shaft and eccentrics are made from high quality steel run in lubricated journals.

Clutch and Brake:
The heat treated high alloy steel clutch, quick engagement device transmit the full torque on ram, the adequate strength, toughness and resistance to wear give longer life to clutch assembly and the moving parts.
A simple belt operated brake ps provided to stop the ram automatically.

Ram and Bed:
The strength of them and ram braces is quite enough to resist load without any shock or vibration. The table is built with stiffening webs underneath and is designed and made with utmost care to withstand and absorb heavy loads and to prevent springing during the cutting operations. The table is provided with blade adjusting arrangement.

Due to Automatic lubrication system, in important journals and ram guide way are lubricated. Gear and pinion are lubricated with grease.

Four Edge Knives:
The design of Shear basically incorporates the cutting rake angle. The Knives are having plain four cutting edge to give long service between two regrind. It is made of high carbon,high chromium steel.

Standard Equipment:
Automatic Lubricator.
Guard for Fly wheel and Gear.
The rigid and accurate back gauge.

Technical Specifications:

Model AS-1220-3 AS-1860-4 AS-2500-6
Maximum Shearing length mm. 1220 1860 2500
Maximum thickness of sheet (plate) of
50 Kg/mm strength mm.
3 4 6
Gap in the Frame mm. 90 100 100
No of Stroke per Minute 50 45 45
Output of main Motor H.P./RPM 5/1440 10/1440 12.5/1440

All Products specifications and features,
as described or illustrated are subject to change without notice.
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